Tuesday, January 19, 2010


last three days i went on a road trip with jane perryman and eva marie. two potters. two wonderful human beings. two strong women. we had a great time and that made the trip very special.
one more reason which made the trip special and memorable was our visit to pudukotai and urpetti.
pudukotai to pazhanisami's village to see the place where they make the ayyanar horses and urpetti where the ayyanar shrine is surrounded by hundreds of terracotta life size horses... we had an overdose of temples. crowded and gaudy.
so when we entered the village of urpetti it was like a huge relief all of us felt. the roads kept winding and unwinding. rice fields to both sides. huge banyan trees all around. and not a single human being!
only a couple of monkeys.
and series of clay horses.
it was like being in a different time zone all together.
as if the outer world didnt exist.
ayyanar is supposed to come alive at night and ride these horses and protect the village. so whenever there is a crisis people offer the clay horse to the temple. so all you can see is a cluster of horses and some clay kalis, cows, dogs, madhurapullais (clay toys which look like babies, are offered if there is a sick child ) lying around...
on the way back we didnt even get down from our taxi to see more temples, we felt it would ruin the experience of being at urpetti.

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Antra Sinha said...

very nice pictures my dear.