Monday, June 20, 2011

woodfire tasmania: pre conference workshop at reedy marsh

the entire conference and the pre conference programs wouldnt hv been so much fun if anyone other than neil hoffmann had put it together. of course our trip took shape only becoz neil made it possible for us to reach australia early and let us work at tinshed pottery first, and later at his place- reedy marsh
if i start to write about reedy marsh i immediately go reedy-marsh-sick... anyway i wont be able to write everything happened in those two months
what we did was to work at tinshed pottery for the first week and then go and help neil with the pre conference workshop as well as the conference. me and antra did a line of work and did a bisque firing at tinshed and took it to reedy marsh for the workshop.
the workshop was designed in such a way that there were four mentors/ four groups, firing two phoenix fast firing kilns and two train kilns: everyone got to put their work in each kiln and after the firing we did a postmortem of the results...
the four mentors were melina monks, tara wilson, owen rye and jack troy.
i was in jack troy's team firing the train kiln
some amazing experiences
some amazing pots

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