Monday, July 2, 2012

2012, a year of change

year 2012 seems like a year of change, a year of transition. after being in golden bridge pottery for four long years, i never wanted to go anywhere else. but once i built the house near auroville, travelling in that ecr road seemed more like a punishment. everyday i would thank my stars that i hv reached home safe. i told myself, if the change has to happen may be now its the time. i decided to make a small studio behind my house, in my tiny little backyard. i worked at rakhee's studio for sometime, bisque fired in her kiln and high fired in adil's newly built upma and as i was using my savings money to repair the house from the cyclone damages, i continued building small little things as studio parts in my house. i worked in my garden couple of hours in a day, mulching the kitchen garden which my friend malavika started, weeding in the garden, watering the plants, trying to steal flowering plants from my neighborhood, i enjoyed it all- just the way my garden was growing, i was putting together things for my future studio. one big wooden shelf to keep the finished work, one smaller shelf which i got for cheap price, malavika gave her ten year old gas kiln to me it came all the way from chennai in a truck, i contacted my contractor and got a wedging table and two clay tanks made. i know its just the beginning, i know its nothing compared to what i had in golden bridge, or what other studios around me have, but building this house i have learnt to take things slow, wait for things to happen, wait for things to grow from scratch- am all ready to water my studio, mulch the area, keep the weeds off and work in it hot and sweaty till i see it grow...
i have finally told myself that, year 2012 is a year of change- wait and see what happens 

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