Thursday, October 4, 2012


four months is a long time to be away from home. just when i was wondering what i would do first when i get home, i heard about the anagama firing in GBP. ray built a smaller anagama, Chinnagama and we were about to do a first firing of the kiln in september.
i had just enough time to get over the jet lag and i started working in my backyard: my studio had couple of bags of clay, my tools, a big wedging/work table and my music. it felt like the perfect way to get back into a rhythm. my garden looked all green and luscious and i played my music and worked early mornings from 5 am to 11 to avoid the sun later on. i had to wrap all the work in bedsheet, hire a car and take the work to rakhee's studio to do a bisque. from there we both took our works to GBP.
the firing started on the midnight of 22nd and went on till 24th evening, a 42 hours firing. its a beautiful kiln, we had some really good results, just from the first firing.
now all the pieces from the Chinnagama are back in my place and am about to take some time off and put my energy into building myself a small studio. the year 2012 feels like a year of firings, already four major firings, i feel the need to take a break and i need to build a kiln!
a project for the next few months

it surely feels like a perfect homecoming.

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