Monday, April 27, 2009


lola turned one year this april.
she is always with me when i work, she has grown to like the sound of the wheel.
she is most peaceful when i am working and of course she then sleeps the whole day.
and once in a while when the clay is too wet or too soft or too hard or when the pots are collapsing on the wheel if i talk to lola she meows at the end of every sentence, we do hv long philosophical conversations most of the time.
as lola is very much part of my workspace and work life, she is here too in this diary.

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Tosham said...

ashwini maami, your too much of an inspiration.
*sharp intake of breath*
*tips hat*
hee hee hee you trailblazing hippy!its all so beautiful looking :)brilliant!

~when i grow up i wanna be juuust like you~