Sunday, April 12, 2009

T adda show

rakhee kane was asked to curate a teapot show in madras, in a gallery called prakrit arts. i was quite surprised when she asked me to partcipate. ray supported as usual, said it would be a good push. i didnt want it to be such a push that it would make me nervous about performing well. ray said u start making the pots and later we will see. that was a better way of looking at it. i thought i should take it as an excercise to improve my throwing. i never liked teapots before. am a coffee person. but i began liking the idea of teapots when bindu, my musician friend started using one of my earlier teapots while did her morning reyaaz. so i told myself i would want to make teapots which will be used. and i wanted to keep it simple in form and in glazing. but i wanted to create a strong form at the same time. something which has life. i started making the pots in jan. the whole month i was throwing only teapots and i strated to dream about them too! in feb i was away in delhi for work and when i came back i had two weeks to prepare more pots and to finish the firing. i chose 22 pots for final firing. i kept the glazing quite simple. i wanted the raw body to remain. and i love pouring glazes and slip. love the way it creates a pattern.flowing and alive. again i was going to be a to place where i lived for six years with my work. and my first group show. rakhee had put together works of twenty artists. and here are some images of the show.

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