Wednesday, November 25, 2009


am sitting here with watering eyes, itchy nose after all that packing we did yesterday with hay and paper of our pots, to send to baroda. in between i asked antra, do the blue dart courier guys know that so much work goes behind all this? for so many days , so much energy... do people know who will come for the show? do the buyers know?
antra said sometimes she wondered why she chose this medium (right when i was hearing my mom's voice asking me the same question!)
but then u scrub the pot with the green stone to clear it off the unwanted wad clay stuck at the bottom, then wipe it with the wet sponge and take it out in the sun to inspect, and see news things in the same pot which u have seen ten times before and thats the moment i had the answer to my moms question: i have to do what i want to do (not that she is going to agree with me!)
all the boxes are on their way to baroda now, and we are all set to see how the show goes...
major excitement in the group and antra and me are also excited about the faludas, samosa and pavbajis of baroda :)
here is the invite.
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