Sunday, August 30, 2009


has been taken two full days for me to tell myself the pots are out!
the pottery is looking like a sea of pots. pots everywhere. as if they hv been there from ages. as if someone has excavated them and spread them around...
great results.
could say in the history anagama firing in GBP this one has been the best.
everyone is super happy.
when we look back many things could have improved. the loading needs to be better. we were thinking of several options. in this firing one of the last shelves in the salt chamber had fallen. we did see the brick the first day of the firing, and were hoping that its not actually a brick but a piece of adil's which looks like a brick! looking at the entire kiln and the pots the one shelf damage is not really a big damage. but probably we can come up with better loading options for the next one.
now we are busy cleaning the pots. some have so much ash on them that we have to soak them in water and scrub them with a stone gently so that it doesnt damage the piece. our hands are covered with cuts using the stone. but looking at the pots anything is worth it. all the pain and hardwork.. the entire process has been so beautiful.

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