Sunday, August 16, 2009


making some more of the sculptural forms
and working on a series of miniatures: ray walked into my studio while i was fixing the fingers for the bigger form, he thought its was really funny and i shd work on a FINGER series, thats how this started, i call it the flying fickle finger of fate.
the entire finger series is dedicated to RAY!
and the bassalts, someone said there is a tsunami threat and i was searching the internet with veena. after she left i continued searching, i ended up in a geology site, it was so interesting that i continued reading for several days about all kinds of rocks and lava and volcano! the result i started working on these volcanic rocks : Bassalt
the Baskets: was looking for a different way of handling clay- no neat surfaces, not on the wheel, no fuss. looking at me struggling for couple of days ray suggested i shd give up thinking of the form to begin with and perhaps play around to figure out how i would bring in a different approach of dealing with material. everything came down to the basics: there was clay body the material and the hands as tools, as minimum as that. so i started scooping clay out, tearing the clay, making chunky handles- attach them in one straight move- no fuss, not going back the same root twice, it worked.
now to wait and see how they look after they are fired!


Rashi Jain said...

i love the baskets , also the miniatures of the forms u ve been working on. good luck and can t wait to see how it goes. it s the most exciting thing ever.

Ashwini Bhat said...

thanks rashi
ya both were so much fun.
baskets were fun making
and the miniature, everybody who sees it laughs, i like the response it brings out of people...