Sunday, August 23, 2009


another great day.
we have almost reached the desired temperature. but we kept stoking big logs of wood to build the ash in the front of the kiln. and also started stoking at the middle and back.
now tonights work is mostly to keep the ash accumulating and also to bring down the cone 10 at the middle, at second firebox.
made chicken curry and veg rice for me veena madhvi and rakhee. sunday special.
but now the heat has begun affecting us. no one wanted to eat really! all we wanted was some cold juice...
adil is still not feeling well. i had just told ray that i would like to experience the night firing and would like to do one full night and one day continuously- 24 hrs. was plannign to do that tomo night and continue firing on tuesday during the day, our last day of firing. but just then adil called and said he could make it for tonight's shift. so i decided to do sunday night and monday morning.
so now i am off for the night shift.
with lots of fruits and glucose!
will be taking some night time pics but for the other nights' firing experience u could go to antra's blog : :

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