Tuesday, August 18, 2009

its glazing time...

i loved glazing the anagama pots. had so much fun. less is more. u just let the fire do the rest of the work. but i really learnt a lot from rakhee this glazing time. she has an unique way of handling her pieces. what she creates with two or three glazes is amazing. those who do pottery will know the colors and mixing of colors will never work as it works when u paint. i love the way rakhee creates landscapes on her pieces, the way she chooses to work with her brush: someone who knows the way the brush travels, the way the clay behaves, the way the slips and glazes behaves. watching rakhee glaze her pieces has actually changed the way i look at my pots and also the way i glaze them.


Shazieh Gorji said...

Absolutely wonderful to see your documentation. Thanks for sharing*~*

Ashwini Bhat said...

thanks S
i come back like a buzzing bee everyday, all so exciting!
the high of woodfiring- am sure u will agree with me :)