Thursday, August 20, 2009


early in the morning ray called to inform there wont be electricity post 10 am! we needed light inside the kiln, so we called each other and reached pottery early and started to load. still nothing much was finished by the time the power went. so the whole day without the light and fan!! today was the most intense day at work. we even forgot to sing (ah i had forgotten to write, the last two days me rakhee and antra hv been singing all through the day, by the end of the first day adil had started whistling!). we started to load the second firebox and the front shelves both at the same time. we wanted to finish the loading soon so that there is enough time to brick up the door. there was some confusion while loading the front, one piece of rakhee's wouldnt fit and two of my baskets... but its minimum confusion keeping in mind we are loading such a huge kiln! also we forgot the supporting rod before we bricked up the side door, so we had to do the side door twice. but great day! we managed loading by four. then we had to search the right size bricks for the door, brick up the two doors, side and front and fill wad clay in all the tiny passages between the bricks and of course clean the entire kiln area...
i made coffee after that, we had it with cake!
lola was sleeping the whole day and she came to us only when we cut the cake...
we are ready for the four days firing now.
pots are all inside.
doors closed.
now we see them after the doors are open.
wood is stacked up and ready.
antra has designed a hightech door hole this time, for stoking in the front.
veena and me have polished off the store and bought lot of food.
tomo morning is the break time. am planning to sleep till late, ie if i dont wake up ten times during the night (last night whenevr i woke up i felt i was making laddos of wad clay and loading the pots!)
firing starts at 5.30pm toomo.

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